I.P.M.S. goes
  continuous development
  the constantly
  evolving needs
  of the IP and IT

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Service and Support

Since our goal is not to promote a ready-made program but to offer helpware fully adaptable to the needs of the user in the IP sector, professional support will be provided for parametrization and customization with both our IT and IP professionals at your service. On the basis of a project plan, I.P.M.S. will be customized according to your needs and requirements.

Our staff is continuously enhancing I.P.M.S.. Updates and upgrades are provided on a periodic basis. They will be glad to develop additional solutions to meet individual needs.

  • Where needed, data available in electronic format may be transferred to I.P.M.S..
  • Training will be offered for all user levels as well as the system administrator (i.e.: training for designing new reports, creating standard form letters, etc.)
  • Our help desk will be at your service during office hours via telephone or via remote access to your system.
ADER Computer Services And Trading Inc. is the computer services company of Deris Patents and Trademarks Agency Joint-Stock Co.