I.P.M.S. goes
  it transcends data archiving
  and retrieval
  to actively manage your
  internal workflow and
  to supervise
  your company

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All in one solution

I.P.M.S. is a helpware designed for the management of intellectual and industrial rights with the aim to encompass all aspects of internatonal IP management and the needs of law firms and/or corporate departments.

Mutual input of IT and IP fields

An efficient management tool that addresses the specific needs of the IP sector can only be provided as long as technology is combined with longstanding practical experience and profound insight.

In I.P.M.S., It is not the user who is adapted to technology, but it is technology that is tailored to the unique needs, expectations, and continuous developments of the IP sector.

ADER Computer Services And Trading Inc. is the computer services company of Deris Patents and Trademarks Agency Joint-Stock Co.