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Technical Architecture

I.P.M.S. was developed with a client/server architecture on Microsoft SQL Server database with the aim to be used in small, medium and large sized firms.

Correspondence Preparation Tools

There are two options for automatic correspondence preparation in I.P.M.S.:

  • small sized firms may use the option Correspondence Preparation With Word that works with any word processing program
  • medium and large sized firms may use the option Correspondence Preparation with Lotus Notes wherein IBM Lotus Notes and Adobe Acrobat are integrated

Reporting Tool

The extensive reporting tool of I.P.M.S.® uses Crystal Reports interface. With this reporting tool the user is able to generate numerous reports from due date reports to management information reports providing valuable statistical information to analyse the present and plan the future of the user firm. Print-outs in various formats are available.

User firms having their own IT personal may develop new reports, may amend existing reports and may adapt new reports to I.P.M.S.® according to the requirements and needs of the firm by using the Crystal Reports interface. The generation of new reports is achieved easily without software modification in I.P.M.S ®.

In addition to the standard management information system reports of the I.P.M.S.® reporting tool, company managers will require to analyze this statistical data from different business-wise perspectives. For the managers who require to constantly make decisions regarding general management of human resources, file portfolio, etc. I.P.M.S.® uses OLAP tool operating over SQL Server which enables users to dynamically analyze the processed and intensive data.

Integration of Accounting

With its “Expense Items Export” and “Invoicing Data Import” properties, I.P.M.S. ® may integrate with the programs used for accounting and financing. Presently, I.P.M.S. ® is integrated with one of the leading ERP (Enterprise Resource Planing) packages JD Edwards, One World®. Due to this integration, expense items kept in I.P.M.S.® are transported to JD Edwards One Wordl® where invoicing and other related process are tracked. However, I.P.M.S. ® may also be integrated with other accounting programs or ERP packages.

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