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I.P.M.S._e, a communication tool within I.P.M.S., permiting more than just remote access to your database via the Internet

for clients

By providing clients remote access to their files via I.P.M.S._e, general correspondence is greatly reduced. When clients are empowered with the capability of looking up their own files, efficiency, service quality and mutual trust are all enhanced. As due date reports can be generated via I.P.M.S._e as well, clients are offered the unique possibility of obtaining lists of files due for renewal, (e.g. annuity payments), automatically generating letters and, when needed, sending instructions on-line.

for home-based collaborators

The demands of the modern business world for more flexible working conditions and hours can also be met by I.P.M.S._e. Home-based collaborators can efficiently retrieve all information provided in I.P.M.S. via an Internet connection and track the deadlines of their accounts, for instance, by referring to the due date reports available on-line.

for meetings outside the office

No need to carry your files with you when you are on a business trip. An Internet connection is sufficient to have the most up-to-date version of all your electronic files always at your fingertips. The reliable security precautions of I.P.M.S. are also applied to the remote access function, and additional measures for the Internet environment are also available. I.P.M.S._e includes features that provide data confidentiality and security of operations/transactions with access authorization provided according to pre-selected criteria.

for branch offices

Especially law firms with branch offices in more than one country, can benefit from the multilingual environment I.P.M.S. offers and can share their files which can be viewed via I.P.M.S._e in the language of preferred by different users. As a result files and work can be easily shared and distributed among different offices.

ADER Computer Services And Trading Inc. is the computer services company of Deris Patents and Trademarks Agency Joint-Stock Co.