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I.P.M.S.® was conceived and developed by Mr. M.N. Aydin Deris, senior partner of Deriž Patents & Trademarks Agency Joint-Stock Company, with the aim of combining up-to-date technology with the firm’s 50 + years of professional experience in IP protection.

As off-the-shelf programs, which do not permit instant and in-house customization, failed to address the needs of both the firm and the IP field in general, professionals from IP and IT sectors collaborated to design helpware that not only stores and retrieves data, but also employs a relational data structure that efficiently organizes data and workflow, enhancing the productivity of users at all adminitrative levels.

In fact, I.P.M.S.® is the 4th generation software developed in-house taking into account the three trademark management programs built and operated by the firm between 1980 and 1997 until the installation of I.P.M.S.® in September of 1997. Since then I.P.M.S.® is being used trouble free and uninterruptedly.

ADER Computer Services And Trading Inc. is the computer services company of Deris Patents and Trademarks Agency Joint-Stock Co.