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  • No need to use separate software for each protection type management
  • No need to use separate software for complementary procedures, i.e. correspondence, document & cost management
  • Save time by having immediate access to all files and related images, texts documents & correspondences
  • Save time by automatically preparing, transmitting and recording your correspondences
  • Transfer your files easily between your branch offices and your clients
  • Let your in-house users, home-based collaborators and your clients choose their own operational language & their own working place via remote access
  • Have a quick overview of your daily, weekly, monthly, yearly deadlines
  • Work with a fast and extensive reporting module
  • Save time by using the integrated reporting and correspondence preparation/tracking moduls
  • Save time by updating automatically a large group of data
  • Increase the quality of your service by providing your clients on-line access to their own files via the internet facility I.P.M.S._e
  • Have access to your files wherever you are with the internet facility I.P.M.S._e
  • Supervise the present of your firm and plan its future by generating statistical management reports
  • Easy to learn, easy to use
ADER Computer Services And Trading Inc. is the computer services company of Deris Patents and Trademarks Agency Joint-Stock Co.